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I specialize in seeing my clients’ potential, and guiding them to first define what they desire deep down and  then connect with the true meaning of their being … so they can use their gifts and talents to live purposefully with joy in their daily lives. Everyone has a different path to finding this combination of peace, joy and happiness, here is my own story:

I have  traveled my own journey of physical healing: not only did I suffer from multiple miscarriages, but I also spent 20 years dealing with chronic health issues including migraines and insomnia.  Eventually, after trying everything you can possibly imagine, I came across Anthony William, otherwise known as Medical Medium™ and things started to change, very gradually at first. One day I realized I hadn’t had a migraine for a while, I was sleeping all night (something I had not done for YEARS)  and I was actually feeling good and had energy. I can remember that exact moment and feeling when the realization came over me. I was standing in my kitchen and the sun was shining it and it hit me right there and then. I now had what I had been searching for all those years, what I had prayed for. My health began to improve but something else very important started to happen. I had a lifelong belief that I was just not as healthy as other people.

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My physical reality basically shattered that belief as I became healthier and healthier, I knew I was onto something and my life began to change. I feel like that was the moment when I woke up, it was like my head had been under water and all of sudden I was above water. I could think clearer and was more connected to myself and my intuition. I had been seeking relief from chronic symptoms, but what I found instead was that there was potential there, for not just good health but amazing health and I began to analyze my life in a way I had never done before and I began to feel an excitement that I quite honestly had not felt for a long time.

Another thing happened, I started to like the way I looked, I really started to feel good on the inside and outside. My journey of physical healing turned into a journey of emotional healing and self-discovery. It gave me an opportunity to look around and reassess what I wanted to do with my life. I began to be in tune with my new self and notice the delicate dance between  food, exercise, supplements, and emotions, and how each of these things affect our whole being, I realized my true purpose and potential: helping people on their quest for better health and deeper meaning. When some of your old core beliefs are proven to be false, you start to see the world in a different way and really start to consider, what else is possible. Its a very freeing experience.

Now, after 20 years in the corporate world, I am a Certified Institute of Integrated Nutrition Health Coach who  believes in the infinite strength and ability of the human soul, the heart’s intuitive intelligence, the power of imagination,  and our interconnectedness with nature and ultimately with each other. With those principles in mind, I assist people in making the changes they desire in every area of life and I am in awe of the results.

Many of my clients come from the corporate world. We talk about work life and personal life like they are separate, but really there is nothing more personal than working closely with people and working through the challenges we come across in our work. In fact, I think it's a really important area of our life to have that extra support, there is so much potential there for growth both personally and professionally. It's amazing, actually magical,  what can change on the outside when you change in the inside.

I  strive to help my clients accomplish physical, emotional, and spiritual  balance, so they can be at peace with themselves, and therefore, others, starting with family and extending to society. In this way, I am  contributing to building a better world.

My journey taught me the importance of having someone who believes in you. When I looked around and talked to friends I got the feeling that I could see that they were amazing women with so much potential, I could see their gifts and talents. I envisioned them working with those gifts and talents, and fully believed in them. Problem was that they did not quite see this. Not that I was different, I was in the same boat but I think hearing from a friend that they truly see your gifts and have confidence that the person can move on and do what they truly desire means a lot. It can actually make all the difference.

I am a certified Health Coach, this training came quite soon after starting to feel better. I also work with replacing repetitive negative thoughts and beliefs and find this combination powerful beyond anything I could possibly imagine. It’s all about you, no one else can do it for you but we can certainly be there for you, guide, witness and cheerlead your through your journey. Having had this support I know exactly how valuable it is.


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